Art school SAMP

3d / reabilitacao


The evolution of Samp has notorious over the years, undergoing successive enlargements according to the ambitions, resulting in an incoherent building. The extensions carried out poorly across the years, either to comply with legislation or to improve the lack of thermal and acoustic comfort was enough reason to re-think and remodel the building. The project resided in the reinterpretation of the “new” and the “existing” in an allegorical fusion, pushing us to the quest for detail. The facade was the most worked element, making the parallelism with the teaching of music, where the texture repeats a simple drawing and the three-dimensionality is exposed by the lifting of one of the sides of the module.


Location _ Pousos, Leiria

Area _ 728,00 m2

Project Date _ 2009

Completed work _ 2011


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