3d / arquitectura


Design Contest CLOUD HABITAR PORTUGAL 2012-14 – The aim was to design a temporary and reusable ephemeral pavilion that would serve as a gallery space for the presentation of architectural works selected by HP Commissariat 2012-14, whose sponsors are CINCA and The MAPEI. The pavilion was thought from the conceptual approach of recycling and construction logic that shares 3 spaces for 3 entities, united in a single project.

Based on a simple layout, with a circular structure, 3 axes were created, marking a circuit in the form of a circle, covering all angles, thus creating a public square where the pavilion can be implanted, generating curiosity and bringing people closer together. The three dimention concept was based on the use of continuous variations of a normal pattern (standard sheet), using all the possibilities of a computerized controlled process: optimized cutting of wood allowing each piece to be different.


Location _ Portugal

Area _ 15,00 m2

Project Date_ 2014

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