Quinta da Malta is one of the most important open spaces in Leiria city. As a council imposition to the approval of the residential “bubble” was essential to create a green space. The proposal is based on principles such as maintaining the value of the Lena River riparian gallery, together with the increase in floristic interest and biodiversity in the area. Creating a green local system with a network of streets and squares that make up an environmental corridor at the entrance to the city, the intervention strategy involves the construction of a set of reference points: bicycle path, car park, catering, pedagogic garden, playground And park of picnics. Not only do they have a referencing function, when interconnected with the system of paths and green spaces, they become a real dynamizing and centralizing equipment. It is also important to focus on vegetation, which is essentially autochthonous, in order to “minimize maintenance and irrigation costs, as well as ensure adaptability to local soil and climatic conditions”.


Location _ Quinta da Malta, Leiria

Area _ 101.500,00 m2

Project Date_ 2011


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