Restaurant & Cafe Pé-do-Rio



Located in the heart of the city of Leiria – Portugal, the existing building have more than 150 years old and it’s part of the Historic Center and the pedestrian path of the Polis program, side by side with river bank. The thematic relationship between the old and the new is reinforced by careful restoration and restoration of the elements to be preserved, along with the semi-innovative design of the new proposals. If on one side you choose materials, on the other you choose ingredients; One follows a concept, the other a plan; One follows a trend, the other the novelty. One must be admired, the other tasted, but the two serve a single purpose: nourish the soul of the people!


Location _ Leiria

Area _ 244,00 m2

Project Date_ 2013

Engineering _ Inovarcus

Completed work_ 2014

Construction company _ Transfor, engenharia e construção SA

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