Tasca 3Marias

3d / reabilitacao


Inserted in a municipal complex that has been handed over to the parish, and it is in this area known as Espaço-Adega (former cooperative winery) that work a number of local activities, such as the weekly market, side by side with the Lis river. The total revitalization of the existing Tunnels was the basis of the whole project, improving its acoustics and expanding the technical areas necessary for the proper functioning of the restaurant. It was the imposition of the client to create 3 distinct environments, taking advantage of the 3 pre-existing domes:

  • D. Maria – service by dialing only
  • Maria Isabel – buffet room
  • Maria Emília – tavern and winebar


Location _ Cortes, Leiria

Area _ 344,00 m2

Project Date_ 2011

Completed work_ 2013


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